Advantan Cream / Ointment 15g


Advantan is used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis (endogenous eczema, neurodermatitis), eczema in children, contact eczema, or degenerative, dyshidrotic, or vulgar eczema.

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Advantan is an anti-inflammatory medicine (a corticosteroid) to be used on the skin. Advantan suppresses inflammatory and allergic skin reactions and thus relaxes symptoms originating from the skin problem like redness (erythema), thickening of the skin, coarseness of the skin surface, fluid build-up (oedema), itchiness, and other complaints (burning sensation or pain).

Advantan is available in two different formulations which have a different therapeutic effect which are listed below.

Advantan Cream: Advantan cream has a high water and low fat content. Advantan cream is particularly suitable for acute and so-called weeping stages of eczema, for very greasy skin and for use on exposed or hairy parts of the body.

Advantan Ointment: In certain skin ailments where the skin is neither very dry nor in a weeping state (that is, producing fluid), treatment requires a foundation with balanced proportions of fat and water. Advantan ointment makes the skin slightly
greasy without retaining warmth and fluid. Of the two formulations, Advantan ointment has the widest field of use.

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