Anusol Haemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment Suppositories


Anusol Suppositories help to relieve the swelling, itch and irritation of internal piles (haemorrhoids) and other related conditions, such as anal itching.

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Anusol suppositories provide relief for internal haemorrhoids(piles) and other related ano-rectal conditions. Piles are swollen blood vessels inside the anus which can produce varying degrees of discomfort, itch and irritation, particularly during and after a bowel movement. The soothing action of anusol suppositories combats the symptoms of internal piles while their antiseptic properties help reduce inflammation and assist healing.

Active Ingredients

Bismuth salts

Used for their protective effect on the lining of the anal area offering some protection from faecal matter and bacteria allowing healing to take place. They also reduce haemorrhoidal swelling, helping to prevent further damage and easing the condition.

Zinc oxide

Acts as an absorbent which reduces the skin moisture and friction and discourages certain bacteria from growing. Also it has some astringent  properties which helps to reduce haemorrhoidal swelling. Zinc oxide helps to protect raw irritated areas and reduce  itching

Balsam Peru

An antiseptic which relieves  inflammation and promotes healing.

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