Bell’s Silverbird Eucalyptus Oil 28 ml


Natural eucalyptus oil is obtained by a distillation process from the fresh leaves of the Eucalyptus Tree. Silver Bird Eucalyptus Oil is guaranteed pure and free from any additions.

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  • Acts as an insect repellent to the skin
  • Relieve pain associated with sprains, lumbago and rheumatic pains
  • Can be used as an inhalants for colds, cough, catarrh and headaches

How to use

  • Rub few drops to the skin to give a pleasing and cooling effect, and to act as an insect repellent.
  • Rub the oil into the affected parts and repeat until the pain disappears.
  • Put a few drops in boiling water and inhale the vapor for conditions like colds, cough, catarrh and headaches.


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