Bioderma Sebium Pain Purifying Cleansing Bar, 100g


Sébium Pain gently cleanses and is the only cleansing bar that limits the formation of blemishes thanks to the Fluidactiv sebo-correcting complex, which biologically regulates sebum quality. Enriched with purifying agents, zinc sulfate and copper sulphate, Sébium Pain purifies the skin and limits sebaceous secretion.

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  • Prevent Blemishes & Blocked Pores Through The Fluiadctiv Patent
  • Cleanses the Skin Deeply & Gently Without Harshness Through The Mild Cleansing Surfactants
  • Prevents Skin Bacterial Infections Through Zinc & Copper Sulphate
  • Sebum Bar Will Respect The Skin As It Is Paraben, Alcohol, Soap & Colouring Agents-Free
  • Sebum Bar Has A Pleasant Lightly-Scented Textures


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