Bonjela Adult Gel 15g Tube


A fast acting pain relief gel to help soothe mouth ulcers, denture spots and cold sores. Containing antiseptic to fight infections and help relieve discomfort whilst healing the problem area.

Active ingredients

Choline salicylate & Cetakonium chloride

Other ingredients

Ethanol (alcohol)


Bonjela is indicated for the relief of pain associated with mouth ulcers, brace, denture and cold sores. Also, it helps to reduce inflammation and helps to fight infection.

Suitable for

Adults and Children 16 years and over.

How to use

Adults and Children 16 years and over: Massage approximately one centimeter of gel onto the sore area. This can be repeated after 3 hours.

For denture sores: Do not apply directly on to the dentures. Leave at least 30 minutes before replacing the dentures in the mouth.


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