Budecort (Budesonide)200mcg Inhaler 200D


BUDECORT Inhaler is indicated for the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy in adult and pediatric patients. It is also indicated for patients requiring oral corticosteroid therapy for asthma. Many of those patients may be able to reduce or eliminate their requirement for oral corticosteroids over time.

BUDECORT Inhaler is not indicated for the relief of acute bronchospasm.

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Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid that exhibits potent glucocorticoid activity and weak mineralocorticoid activity. In standard in vitro and animal models, budesonide has approximately a 200-fold higher affinity for the glucocorticoid receptor and a 1,000-fold higher topical anti-inflammatory potency than cortisol. As a measure of systemic activity, budesonide is 40 times more potent than cortisol when administered subcutaneously and 25 times more potent when administered orally in the rat thymus involution assay.



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