Dulcolax Adult Pico Liquid 5 mg / 5 ml oral solution


Dulcolax Pico Liquid is a liquid laxative that contains sodium picosulfate. It’s ideal for adults and children over 12, being taken at night to help encourage a bowel movement the next morning.

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Dulcolax Pico Liquid contains an active ingredient called sodium picosulfate, which is a stimulant laxative. This means the product works by stimulating the muscles in your bowel, helping to move poo through your system so that you can pass it. It usually works ina round 6 – 12 hours, so taking the laxative before you go to bed can help you to got o the toilet in the morning.

How to take Dulcolax liquid laxative

Take two 5ml spoonfuls at night. If you haven’t taken this product before, try taking one 5ml spoonful at night to start with and increase to two spoonfuls if needed. Stop taking this product when your bowel movements have returned to normal. You should not take this product for more than 5 days at a time.


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