Epimax Plus Body Cream 400g


Epimax Plus, is formulated especially for use on exceptionally dry skin and people with ichthyosis (a very specific group of genetic skin conditions). Ichthyosis generally displays itself as drier, larger scales compared to the more inflamed, red, fine flakes of eczema.

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Epi-Max Plus Body Cream 400g

Epimax Plus Body Cream 400g contains no artificial colouring or perfume and is ideal for very dry skin. This enhanced moisturiser contains cetomacrogol, glycerine and 10% urea to deeply nourish and restore skin moisture levels.

Epimax Plus contains an active ingredient called urea. While urea is an excellent solution for common dryness or ichthyosis, it is known to cause a temporary stinging sensation on the inflamed eczematous skin.

Why does it sting? All dry skin has a scaly layer that will want to soak up a large amount of cream as quickly as it can. Urea is a powerful moisturising agent which increases penetration of moisture into these cells. This intense” soaking up sensation” is what causes the sting, but only when it’s applied to inflamed skin conditions like eczema.

Why Epimax Plus is not recommended for young or sensitive skin

Because of the stinging sensation, children who have eczema (as opposed to ichthyosis), resist having the cream applied to their bodies because it’s uncomfortable for them.


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