Ketosteril Tablets 100’s


This medicine prevents the unnecessary increase in urea levels in the blood. Ketosteril tablets belongs to a class of drugs called nutritional supplements. It provides nutrition therapy in the patients of chronic kidney failure.

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Ketosteril tablet is formulated with essential amino acids and ketoanologues that is used for the treatment of chronic kidney disease. This tablet helps to reduce uremic symptoms, proteinuria, etc. It replenishes the nutrients required in the body.

These tablets are taken by mouth with or without food. But it is important to take it in a dose and duration as advised by doctor. It is best if taken along with a low-protein diet as it helps in delaying the progression of kidney diseases and dialysis initiation. Ensure that you maintain adequate calorie intake during the therapy. While you are taking this medicine, your doctor may advice for regular monitoring of serum calcium levels.


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