Lemsip Cold & Flu Lemon Powder for Oral Solution 10’s


Lemsip Cold & Flu Blackcurrant Sachets contain paracetamol and phenylephrine hydrochloride, which help relieve cold and flu symptoms, such as nasal congestion and fever.

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  • Contains paracetamol – each sachet contains 650mg of paracetamol (an analgesic) to help relieve pain caused by sore throat, headache and body aches.
  • Helps relieve nasal congestion – each sachet contains 12.2mg of phenylephrine hydrochloride (a decongestant) to help decrease swelling in the nasal passages and alleviate the feeling of a blocked nose.
  • Helps relieve flu symptoms – helps manage cold and flu symptoms including fever, aches, pains, headache, sore throat and nasal congestion.
  • 10 Lemsip sachets – this medicine comes in handy individual sachets, which dissolve in hot water. Each powder sachet can be mixed with hot water to help provide soothing relief.
  • Additional ingredients – this medicine also contains sucrose and aspartame.

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