Lidocaine Lox 10% Spray 50ml


Lox 10 % Spray is an effective numbing medicine used before surgical procedures. It blocks nerve signals from a specific part of the body and is categorized as a local anesthetic medicine. It is also used to treat arrhythmia characterized by an improper beating of the heart.



Medicinal Benefits

Lox 10% Spray 50ml belongs to the group of local anesthetics known as amide-type local anesthetics. Lox 10% Spray 50ml is used to produce local numbness (anaesthesia). It is available in the form of injection and topical (gel/cream). Lox 10% Spray 50ml injection is used to reduce pain and discomfort caused by invasive medical procedures such as surgery, needle punctures, or insertion of a breathing tube or catheter. Lox 10% Spray 50ml is also used to treat irregular heart rhythms. It is also used to reduce the discomfort of contractions during labour. Lox 10% Spray 50 ml topical is used to reduce discomfort and pain caused by skin irritations and haemorrhoids (piles). Lox 10% Spray 50ml works by blocking the transmission of the nerve signals in the body, thereby helps in decreasing the sensation of pain.

Directions for Use

The injection form of Lox 10% Spray 50ml will be administered by a healthcare professional. Do not self-administer. On the other hand, topical Lox 10% Spray 50ml, take the pea-sized amount on the finger and apply directly onto the affected area and gently massage it in. If Lox 10% Spray 50ml comes in contact with eyes, nose, or mouth, rinse with water immediately.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight

Side Effects of Lox 10% Spray 50 ml

Like all medicines, Lox 10% Spray 50 ml can also cause side-effects, although not everybody experiences them. Burning, dermatitis, erythema, pruritus, rash, skin irritation, and vesicles are the common side-effects of Lox 10% Spray 50 ml. Please talk to your doctor if you experience any of these side-effects persistently.


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