Lyclear Creme Rinse – 2 x 59ml


Lycear Creme Rinse is head lice treatment that works by killing head lice and their eggs. Lyclear contains the active ingredient Permethrin which is an effective insecticide that can stop infestations and prevent spreading.

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Lyclear kills the head lice and their eggs to prevent them from multiplying and allows you to comb them out of your hair and get rid of the infestation. Lyclear contains the active ingredients Permethrin which belongs to a group of medicines called pyrethroids. It is an insecticide that is commonly used in a variety of ways to control insects and infestations. Permethrin affects insects when they either come into contact with it or eat it. It kills them by attacking the nervous system which causes muscle spasms, paralysis and death.

Using Lyclear to treat head lice is a simple process and can be included in your child’s bathtime routine.

  • Shampoo the hair with a mild shampoo – avoid shampoos that are combined with conditioners or medicated shampoo
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry the hair with a towel – do not dry with hair dryer as the hair needs to remain damp before applying the product
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly and saturate the hair, roots and scalp with the product – work Lyclear methodically through the hair, ensuring you pay particular attention to the areas behind the ears and the nape of the neck
  • Leave Lyclear Creme Rinse on the hair for 10 minutes – leaving Lyclear on the hair for longer or less than 10 minutes will NOT achieve better results
  • Rinse thoroughly with water – after the final rinse and whilst the hair is still wet, use the comb that is included with the pack to remove the lice and eggs
  • Comb the hair in sections – work from the roots to the ends of the hair to ensure all areas are covered


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