Microlife BP AG1-30 Aneroid Blood Pressure Kit


This aneroid blood pressure kit is a mechanical blood pressure measuring device for use on the upper arm and ensures you a precise and consistent measurement.

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Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement using this Device

Checklist for taking a reliable measurement

  1. Avoid activity, eating or smoking immediately before the
  2. Sit down for at least 5 minutes before the measurement and relax.
  3. Always measure on the same arm (normally left).
  4. Remove close-fitting garments from the upper arm. To avoid
    constriction, shirt sleeves should not be rolled up – they do not
    interfere with the cuff if they are laid flat.
  5. Always ensure that the correct cuff size is used (marking on the
  6. Fit the cuff closely, but not too tight.

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