Moov Pain Relief Specialist Cream 30g


Moov Pain Relief Cream is one of  most popular ointments for fast pain relief amongst the homemakers. It is an analgesic (or pain-relieving) ointment made using 100% ayurvedic ingredients. Also available in a Spray format that allows easy application.

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Moov Pain Relief Specialist Cream 30g

This analgesic (or pain-relieving) cream is a First Aid Kit must-have, with a special formula fortified with the power of “Four Active Ingredients”. These penetrate deep inside to produce warmth that relaxes the muscles and help you recover fast. It is pain relieving cream with herbal ingredients such as wintergreen oil, mint extract (pudina ka Phool) and turpentine oil (tarpin ka tel). These oils are known for their pain-relieving properties. Moov provides you fast and long-lasting relief from muscle pain, neck and backache, inflammation, sprain, myositis, fibrositis and sciatica. It works great for chronic neck aches and lower back pains.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces irritation and swelling around the affected area
  • The mint leaves give a cooling effect to the pain and treat the sore muscles and relieve joint aches
  • Turpentine oil helps to relieve pain from underneath the tissue and relaxes the muscles
  • Eucalyptus Oil in the move cream provides soothing warmth and makes it an excellent massage cream for joint pain
  • Moov pain relief cream has a unique fast absorption formula that allows it to work quickly and get rid of the pain

Direction for Use/Dosage

Apply a thin layer to the affected area and massage until completely absorbed, 2-3 times daily.


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