Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray 50ml


Nytol Throat Spray contains the active ingredient phosphatidylcholine, which works by coating the throat muscles and prevents them from vibrating. The formula has foam properties which ensure the spray stays where it is needed in the throat to prevent the vibrations that cause snoring, to provide long-lasting relief throughout the night.

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Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray provides long-lasting relief from snoring. It’s scientifically proven to combat vibrations in the throat to stop snoring.

Nytol Anti-Snoring Throat Spray is easy to use. Shake the can well before use and attach the diffuser to the nozzle of the spray dispenser. Hold the can upside down and spritz the product towards the back of your throat for 1 second before swallowing. Repeat the process another 2 times, before going to bed.


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