OCA Rigid Cervical Collar


Rigid cervical collars are made of harder materials. They may restrict the neck’s range of motion more than soft cervical collars, though they do not immobilize completely. They can help provide greater stability to patients who need it, and they are often used by emergency medical technicians (EMTs) as a precautionary measure on patients who have experienced trauma.

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Cervical collars, commonly known as neck braces, are medical devices worn around the neck to help provide stability and support. They may also immobilize the neck and prevent it from performing certain movements, either by restricting the range of motion or by reminding the wearer to limit their head and neck movements.


  • Made with low density polyurethane with edges cushioned for comfort.
  • Rigid plastic support trimmed with soft foam padding and washable vinyl.
  • Height adjustment ensures perfect fit, collar height adjusts from 3-1/2″ to 4-1/2 Velcro-type closure.
  • Well ventilated to increase patient comfort


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