Ovestin 1 mg cream 15g – Estriol


Ovestin cream one per cent contains the active ingredient oestriol, which is the weakest of the three natural forms of oestrogen. It is short acting and present in small amounts.

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What is Ovestin cream?

Ovestin vaginal cream/pessaries contain the active ingredient oestriol, which is a naturally occurring form of oestrogen.

What is it used for?

  • Ovestin is used in post menopausal women.
  • Ovestin is used for relief of symptoms occurring after menopause.
  • The shortage of oestrogens during menopause may cause the vaginal wall to become thin and dry. As a result, sexual intercourse may become painful and vaginal itching/irritation and infections may occur (atrophic vaginitis).
  • Oestrogen deficiency may also lead to symptoms like urinary incontinence and recurrent cystitis.
  • Treating the vaginal tissues before and after vaginal surgery, e.g. For vaginal prolapse.


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