Quest Restore Biotix – For After Antibiotics 12 Capsules


  • For restoring balance after a course of antibiotics
  • A convenient 6 day course
  • Multi-strain probiotic supplement
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Antibiotics are now one of the most widely prescribed medicines, and in some countries available without a prescription. As antibiotic resistance increases, so does the strength and types of antibiotics available. Antibiotics are however, as their name insinuates anti-biotic. This is problematic for the beneficial bacteria that lives in and on our body and provides vital resistance against infections and chronic diseases. It is therefore necessary to replenish any lost probiotics in the body before opportunistic organisms are allowed to flourish. The most common post antibiotic infections are candida, causing outbreaks of thrush and C. difficile which leads to watery stools and abdominal cramping.

RestoreBiotix is a multi-strain 6 day course of lactobacillus probiotics designed to restore natural microflora levels within the gut after a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics are indiscriminate and reduce the number of beneficial bacteria as well as pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics need to be re-established within the body to prevent adverse effects and chronic diseases within the body.


As a food supplement take one to four capsules daily with food. RestoreBiotix is a 6-day course and dosage is recommended as follows.

Morning        Evening

Day 1 – 2                    2                     2

Day 3 – 6                    1                     –

RestoreBiotix may also be taken by children over the age of four at half the adult doses. The capsules should be opened up and the contents emptied onto the tongue or mixed into cool drink.
Suitable for use during pregnancy.


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