Rectogesic Ointment 30g


Rectogesic ointment is used to ease the pain associated with small tears of skin around the back passage (anal fissures).


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Rectogesic ointment works by relaxing the muscle just inside your back passage. Relaxing this muscle increases the flow of blood to the area, which eases pain. It can be helpful where other treatments have not been effective.

An anal tear (fissure) causes pain around the back passage (anus). The pain can be really bad and tends to be worse when you pass stools (faeces) and for an hour or so after passing stools. You may also get some bleeding when you pass stools – usually bright red, in the pan or on the toilet paper. Bleeding from the back passage should always be checked by a doctor. In most people, the fissure heals within 1-2 weeks or so but it can take much longer.

Active Ingredient: Glyceryl Trinitrate 0.2%w/w.

For the relief and treatment of anal fissure as diagnosed by your doctor.

(Adults): Apply a 1.5cm strip of ointment (see measurement indicated) as directed three times daily, or more frequently on the advice of your doctor. Read the instruction leaflet inside the carton for more detailed information. Close the tube tightly, immediately after each use. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Usage: Adult use.


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