Redoxon Orange Immune Support Vitamin C 15 Tablets


Redoxon Advanced is a high strength formula that contains all vitamins and minerals to help maintain your immune system – your body’s natural protector on top form.



Vitamins (C, A, D, B6, B12, & Folic Acid) & Minerals (Zinc, Iron, Copper & Selenium) help your immune system function – your body’s natural protector.
Vitamin A, Vitamin C, & Zinc help maintain your skin – the body’s first line of defense.
Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamin B12, and B6 each help to reduce your tiredness and fatigue.

How to use
Adults and children over 12 years old: Dissolve 1 tablet per day in a glass of water to make a refreshing orange flavoured drink.


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