Regaine For Men Extra Strength 60ml


Regaine Extra Strength is a liquid solution for hair loss which runs in the family. It needs just two simple applications a day to help promote hair regrowth & prevent further hair loss.  If your hair is thinning or starting to fall out, Regaine Extra Strength could be the solution for you.

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Reaine Extra Strength uses the active ingredient Minoxidil. It is thought to encourage blood flow to your scalp and all of the hair follicles there, helping to reverse the shrinkage caused by hereditary hair loss. This helps your hair to grow back and provides essential nutrients your hair needs.

How to use

Every time you apply Regaine Extra Strength, you will need to use 1ml of the product which is the same as 6 sprays of Regaine solution. Apply twice a day and do not use more than 2ml of product every day. Regaine Extra Strength includes two applicators, meaning you can choose which application method is right for you.

  • Apply 1ml(6 sprays) of regaine solution onto a completely dry scalp & hair.
  • Massage into the scalp lightly.
  • Leave at least 12 hours between each application.


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