Ripple Mattress – Alternating Pressure


Ripple Mattress is one of the most well known anti bedsore options in today’s market. Designed to help in prevention, treatment and management of pressure ulcers – more commonly known as bedsores.

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How does the Alternating Pressure Mattress work?

The mattress achieves this by inflating and deflating the pockets of air, that make up the mattress, in a regulating pattern. This offers pressure relief as well as improving air circulation that are significantly linked to bedsores.

This unit represents great value for money in terms of Alternating Pressure Systems, offering optimum pressure distribution and a simple, user-friendly pump. Both the cells and the base of the unit are fluid resistant in order to maximize hygiene factors.

Alternating Pressure Mattress Features:

  • Decreases danger of pressure sores
  • Individual pockets and/or cells
  • Cells alternate in pressure continuously
  • Home or Hospital use
  • Quality Pump
  • 125mm canvas
  • Suitable for bed ridden patient
  • Fits most hospital beds
  • Individual cells can be replaced
  • 1 Free spare cell included


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