Sacro Lumbar Support Facilitated (25 cm) (Art. # 3028)


Indications for use: Treatment and prevention of degenerative disk disease, intervertebral bulging disks (protrusions more than 10 mm) or early stages of several herniated disks (Th10–L5), radiculopathies, lumbago, sciatica, traumas, chronic pains in lumbosacral spine. To provide orthopedic regimen during midterm and late rehabilitation after lumbar spine injuries. Recovery after lumbosacral spine surgeries.

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A spinal lightweight brace with four built-in stays is used for moderate fixation of the lower part of thoracic, lumbar and upper part of sacral spine (Th10-L5), stabilization of the joints and ligaments of the spine, correction of paravertebral muscles imbalance in the lumbar spine, and also for unloading of the joints, ligaments and muscles of the lower back, therapeutic correction of the vertebral bodies dislocations, stabilization of the vertebral bodies after traumas or operations.

  • Breathable light brace material (net fabric) ensures maximum comfort
  • Bour built-in stays unload the spine and lower back muscles
  • Two additional elastic straps allow individualized fixation


Dimensions Sizes Max deviation
Waist circumference, сm 60-83 84-109 110-135 ±1,0 сm


It is obligatory to consult your doctor before use. Size of the brace is chosen according to the waist circumference measurements as shown in the table. It is recommended to put the brace on while lying supine on a hard or semihard surface.
The brace should be worn over cotton underwear to avoid excessive sweating and a small chance of allergic reaction to the materials of the brace. The brace regimen and duration of wearing are recommended on an individual basis by a medical doctor.

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