Scholl 2in1 Corn Express Pen 1ml


Scholl Corn Express Pen is a 2 in 1 method for treating irritating corns, fast. If you’re struggling with multiple corns, Scholl Corn Express Pencan help you to treat up to 6 corns at any one given time. Ideal for those who want to see quick results from their corn treatment, with results visible within 5 days of treatment.

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What are corns? These are hard circles of the skin which can form anywhere on your body but most common on your feet especially areas under regular pressure and friction i.e. rubbing against the sides of a poorly fitting shoes. Corns are harmless but can be irritating especially if you develop one your feet that can be painful when you walk.

The Scholl Corn Express Pen uses a dual method to treat corns. The scraper helps to gently remove the hard surface on your corn, while the advanced treatment liquid  softens the corn making it easier to remove over time. This treatment can be used for up to 6 corns at a time, helping you feel comfortable as the corns are worn down before coming away altogether.


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