Scholl Fresh Step Shoe Spray 150ml


Scholl Shoe Spray instantly relieves shoe odour, replacing it with a light airy scent that will leave your feet feeling fresh. It helps to neutralise shoe odour leaving your shoes free from unpleasant odours for 24 hours. The spray dries with no residue, keeping your shoes comfortable and smelling great.

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Scholl Shoe Spray is a daily spray designed to eliminate shoe odour. This long-lasting spray provides 24-hour protection from shoe odour and can be used in any kind of shoe, leaving your feet feeling fresh. Ideal for those who suffer from smelly shoes and are looking for a quick and simple solution that will last all day.

Before using Scholl Shoe Spray, shake the can well. Spray into your shoes before and after wearing them for best results. Allow shoes to dry before wearing them. If you get any excess spray onto the external surface of your shoe, wipe away carefully.


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