Strepsils Orange With Vitamin C Lozenges 36’s


Strepsils Orange are soothing lozenges that help to provide relief from discomfort caused by painful sore throats. Each lozenge has a boost of 100mg of Vitamin C.



Strepsils Orange contain two anti-septic ingredients:

  • 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol
  • Amylmetacresol

These work together to relieve pain in the mouth and throat infections by lubricating the painful area. They also have mild antiseptic properties which kill bacteria associated with mouth and throat infections. The lozenges also include Vitamin C, which is beneficial during infection as Vitamin C levels can fall.


Adults, children aged over 6 and the elderly- one lozenge every 2-3 hours. Maximum dose: 12 lozenges in 24 hours.


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