Vicks Vapo rub jar 50ml


Vicks Vapo Rub contains Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus Oil,known for their therapeutic benefits in cough and cold relief.

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Vicks Vapo rub provides effective multi-symptom relief from 6 symptoms- Blocked nose, Breathing difficulty, Cough, Body Ache, Headache & Muscular stiffness


Apply on chest, throat and back for relief from 6 cold symptoms: Breathing difficulty, body ache, cough, blocked nose, headache and muscular stiffness. Start feeling relief in 5 minutes from cough, blocked nose and breathing difficulty.

Safety information

Caution: Use as directed. For external use only. Don’t take by mouth or place in nostrils. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a doctor if illness persists for over a week, or if used by children less than 2 years or if pregnant /breastfeeding. Don’t use on broken / damaged / bandaged skin. For Steam Inhalation – Don’t add Vaporub into boiling water. Don’t heat or reheat (using stove /microwave) vaporub together with water.

Steam inhalation is suitable for use on adults and children more than 6 years. Closely supervise children to avoid scalding. Use care when using with hot water.


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