Warticon 0.5% (podophyllotoxin) Wart Treatment Solution 3ml


Warticon is a topical treatment prescribed for genital warts (chiefly small lumps) caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

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Available as a topical cream or a solution, it is applied to the affected area (on or around the penis, or around the vagina). The active ingredient is a strong antiviral plant extract called podophyllotoxin, which attacks and eradicates the HPV causing the wart cells to die, allowing new healthy tissue to replace them within weeks.

Warticon is a topical treatment that is applied directly to genital warts on and around the genitals. Because genital warts are not only caused by the HPV but also kept alive by it, the active ingredient doesn’t attack the wart tissue directly (which wouldn’t ultimately prove effective) but instead attacks the HPV itself. With the virus unable to divide and spread, the symptoms subside and the warts die. Over time, the wart tissue falls away, and healthy tissue grows in its place.

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