Wind-Eze Soft Gel Capsules 20’s


Trapped wind, a commonly felt condition felt in the digestive system, occurs when pressure builds up in the stomach or abdomen. This causes several symptoms, including bloating, burping as well as flatulence. The cause of trapped wind can be certain foods and drinks including: High fibre foods, Fructose – a type of sugar that is hard to break down, found in fruit juice, Fizzy drinks, Fatty foods, Dairy products & Carbohydrates.

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WindEze Soft Gel Capsules are a treatment that is intended to be used to treat the effects of trapped wind and the symptoms associated with it. The active ingredient contained in these capsules is simethicone. Simethicone is an anti-flatulence drug that works by gently dispersing the air in the stomach and intestine that is causing the trapped wind.

How to use

Swallow a capsule using a glass of water at meal times or before bedtime. Do this 3-4 times a day. If your symptoms persist or get worse after using, speak to a doctor or PillPharm pharmacist by clicking here.


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